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Lau Healing Therapies
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Energy Healing
Reflexology teaching.
Energy healing workshop teaching .
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Integrative counselling
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healing a person with trauma
Body work
Feet reflexology
Intuitive conecction
Body work
Teaching EFT.
Real people real changes
Energy colour therapy
Prehispanic empower dance therapy
My passion your wellbeing
Healing your mind body and energy




Intuitive and empath since child, Laurinda always felt strong connection towards spirituality finding later on her purpose in life "to help others"

Her main focus is to help people to keep the balance between "Body- Mind - Emotions & Energy.

She is NLP certified practitioner by The association for Integrative Psychology.

End of life Doula certified.

Intuitive healing energy worker.

Self empower-prehispanic dance therapy instructor certified by  C.I.D UNESCO.

Body worker-Reflexology therapist certified by Reflexology Association Canada.

EFT Practitioner.

Motivational speaker.

Laurinda offers her services in English & Spanish



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